Better Beginnings with the World's Leading Education System

The FinlandWay® System

The Most Complete Kindergarten Franchise from Finland

Designed to enable you to provide Finland’s world-leading programme and methodology
in your location, using your own teachers and language.



  • Intensive methodology training for teachers

  • Designed and facilitated by experts from the University of Helsinki

  • Blended learning and supported on-the-job development



  • Latest curriculum from Finland

  • All subject areas covered

  • Age-specific programme and learning targets for 1-to-6-year-olds

  • Complete teacher instructions and lesson plans


Technology and Mobile Apps

  • Leading platform and mobile applications for teachers and parents

  • Latest learning tracking system and regular reports for each child



  • Learning space guidelines by leading architects from Finland

  • School operator guidelines

  • Adjustable to local school needs and materials

What is FinlandWay®

Our methodology

Our methodology combines the play-based, phenomenon-led and participatory pedagogical methodology currently in use in Finland and regularly updated based on the latest scientific findings. The methodology allows children to have joyful early learning experiences that develop both their cognitive, non-cognitive and socio-emotional skills and general academic and social preparedness.

Our curriculum

Our curriculum covers lesson plans and progressive, age-specific learning targets for ages 1-6.  Our curriculum is based on the 2017 national academic curriculum in Finland, covering:

  • Languages and Stories (Alphabetisation and Literacy, Communication)

  • Exploration (Numeracy and Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences)

  • Arts and performing

  • Shared Well-Being (Motor Skills, Physical and Mental Well-being)

  • Our society (Socioemotional and Citizenship Skills)

Values of responsibility, tolerance, empathy, sustainable development and inclusion are deeply embedded in our curriculum design.

Teacher training

Teacher training and educators' continuing professional development is of key importance - and at the heart of the Finnish education excellence. FinlandWay teachers go through a structured training process and continue developing as teaching professionals on the job, regularly connecting with the leading experts in the field following their initial training.


The latest mobile tracking technologies allow us to monitor quality and create a community of Best Practice. We are using the latest mobile and online solutions to connect parents and the schools to follow and support children's learning regardless of time and place. 

Why FinlandWay?


FinlandWay has been developed with impact and accessibility in mind.

  • Developed by educators for educators: The heart of our product is in our pedagogical expertise

  • Total age coverage: We cover the entire early education age group from 1 to 6 years of age

  • More economical - no expat teachers or training abroad needed: You can use local teachers to follow the FinlandWay programme; our teacher training and support programme support your staff daily

  • Optimised classroom design to respect your local needs: School design and equipment guidelines allow for sustainable and economical local sourcing

  • Choose your language: Tuition at your school can be in your local language, in English or a mix thereof. Our experts will help you to choose the best option for your situation.

  • Leading transparency and accountability: Documentation and tracking system for key core skills and capabilities for teachers and parents

  • Understanding your targets and challenges: FinlandWay has been purpose-designed for the growth market context by developing markets and impact experts

How can I work with FinlandWay®?

Franchising Opportunity for New Concept Schools  
The most comprehensive preschool-in-a-box solution available from Finland for new greenfield schools and operators, to get the full FInlandWay® look and feel!

Associate School License for Existing Schools  
Existing preschools and preschool chains fulfilling our selection quality criteria have the opportunity to become FinlandWay® Associate Schools.


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