FinlandWay in Finnish National News and TV

FinlandWay International Preschools CEO Noora Laitio was interviewed by the Finnish National Broadcasting Corporation YLE’s main television news broadcast to tell about FinlandWay International Preschool’s philosophy and approach in providing the best Early Education in the world through an affordable and scalable model.

“In our target markets, the public sector is not always able to provide quality early education on a large scale , so private providers may be the only option for parents looking for the best solution for their children. At FinlandWay, we work to offer a premium quality and value for money for these audiences”, Laitio states.

FinlandWay International Preschools is the most tested and globalised authentic Finnish early education franchise, present in four continents and available in five languages.

Our education expert-designed solution has been modelled to support families and educators at an accessible price point in the fastest-growing markets in the world.

The article is available in Finnish and Russian at:

Noora Laitio