Selected Speaker at Financial Times Innovate Latin America: Tecnología móvil, innovación y colaboración

FinlandWay Co-Founder and CEO Noora Laitio spoke as a selected speaker on the potential of tech-enabled Early Childhood Education systems and affordable transfer of best practices for the benefit of families and educators, at the FT Innovate Latin America conference in Bogota, Colombia.

The message from Finland was received with interest by the forum of influencers, opinion-leaders and entrepreneurs. "Colombia is increasingly investing in Early Childhood Education and Well-Being, in the form of programmes like De Cero a Siempre - over 5 million Colombians are under five years of age and 700,000 babies are born in the country every year. Through cooperation we can be part of helping these new generations flourish by working with local schools and parents; mobile technologies and a better understanding of exchanging best practices are making this possible."

Noora Laitio