Three units starting in Lima in March 2018

Three pioneering Finnish preschool franchise units starting in Lima in March 2018


WellEdu Fennica Ltd, together with Casuarinas International College, Los Olivos College and Nido The Kids World San Borja have the pleasure to announce the signing of Letters of Intent to launch the first three franchise units in Peru to operate a complete authentic Early Education system from Finland in Peru from 2018.


Through WellEdu Fennica's complete nursery and preschool solution, for the first time in the Andean region, families in Lima will now have access to top quality education from Finland, the world's leading education system


The nursery and preschool children at Casuarinas International College, Los Olivos College and Nido The Kids World San Borja will be following the complete Finnish Early Education programme based on the latest Finnish curriculum and play-based approach, designed by experts from the leading universities in Finland.


The franchise preschools will be offering the latest programmatic curriculum and methodology from Finland for 1-to-6-year-olds, including premium learning process support, individual tracking systems for each child as well as innovative education space design, supported by the latest technology.


Educators at Casuarinas, Los Olivos and Nido The Kids World San Borja will continue following a rigorous teacher training and certification programme in the Finnish methodology to practice the research-based, play- and phenomenon-based approach every day in their classrooms.


A digital tool will provide parents with unprecedented visibility into the early learning processes and achievements of their children. The mobile solution will help parents and schools to help build the best foundation for a joyful experience of lifelong learning and the development of key competences for the next generation and a more sustainable future.


The schools will be operating under the Finnish system from March 2018, following successful piloting and system adaptation in Peru in 2017.


Casuarinas International College (Surco), Los Olivos College (Los Olivos) and Nido The Kids World San Borja are leading premium school operators in Lima, dedicated to providing the best quality education experience with the most advanced methodologies available worldwide. 


WellEdu Fennica is a leading expert organisation that specialises in bringing scalable and accessible quality solutions for the best of Early Childhood Education from Finland to the world. 
Based on the latest scientific research on play-based participatory learning and our specialist understanding of emerging market needs, our technology-enabled nursery and preschool franchise system is the most complete Finnish Early Education franchise available for quality school operators worldwide in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Alessandra Midori