Better Beginnings with the World's Leading Education System

Certified Provider

With FinlandWay®, you can be assured that your teachers, students and families will get an authentic and comprehensive early childhood education experience from Finland.

FinlandWay® Early Childhood Education System has the highest official credits currently available from Finland for education exporters and has been awarded or certified for the following official authorities or programmes in Finland


National Board of Education / Ministry of Education

We are a certified and selected member of the official Education Finland programme  in the first group of companies officially recognised by the National Board of Education and Ministry of Education as a top quality, authentic exporter of Finnish education. 

We are an official Education Finland certificate holder and are in line for the first official programme-specific certification when they become available from the National Board in late 2018.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Finnpartnership Programme

We are supported by the Finnpartnership Programme of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for our dedication to build an impact-focussed affordable system to address the challenges of emerging markets.


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business finland - The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

We have been supported by Business Finland as an innovative and transformative solution to package and deliver the quality early education experience from Finland in a tech-supported, scalable manner.


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Finnish Early Childhood Education Association

Member of the Finnish Early Childhood Education Association


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Finland-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Programme

We are a selected member of the Finland-Vietnam Partnership Programme


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