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What does the latest science say about best ways of learning in the early years of life?

A growing body of research from leading institutions WORLDWIDE is showing that structured play-based learning in which teachers prompt and guide children at play to help them learn, may be uniquely effective in helping preschoolers master new concepts. 

Key elements of programs that have led to strong preschool outcomes include curriculums that foster crucial pre-academic abilities (emotional security, curiosity, language, self-regulation) through play;  professional development plus coaching that enable teachers to effectively implement relevant curriculums; and positive, engaging classrooms that promote children’s innate drive to learn
— (World Bank Education Report, 2017)

How can my child benefit from the FinlandWay® programme?
FinlandWay® provides a systematic solution to give your child the possibility to learn and enjoy through safe and joyful educational play-based experiences within a highly structured programme, designed by education experts and researchers from Finland.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our daily approach follows the multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based in use in Finland. 
For each age group, FinlandWay® programme provides a thematic structure for both guided and free play-based learning. Learning modules are multidisciplinary and thematic, encouraging flexible application of new knowledge and skills. 
The system design guarantees that your child will get a balanced learning experience in:

  • Languages and Stories (Alphabetization and literacy, Communication)

  • Exploration (Numeracy and Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences)

  • Arts, Music, Creativity and Expression

  • Shared Well-Being

  • Our society (Socioemotional and Citizenship Skills)

Qualified teachers

All FinlandWay® educators at our partner schools are trained in the foundations and applications of the play-based, phenomenon-led methodology.  Teachers are also trained to observe and support children’s individual learning processes and outcomes and communicate these to you. 

Keeping track of your child’s progress

To keep you comfortable with the methodology and help you track your child’s progress through our methodology, you will stay informed and can follow your child’s learning journey on your mobile phone.

The social and emotional environment

FinlandWay® fosters secure, warm and trusting relationships so children are confidently supported in their explorations and enquiry. Our teachers are instructed to support and guide children to
discover their natural love of and ability for life-long learning. 

We believe that children’s viewpoints, experiences, perspectives, and abilities to act
and express ideas and views already from young age are important. Children’s competence, creativity and resilience to influence their own life and their own learning should be recognised.

Our curriculum has been designed with the rights of children (United Nations’ (1989) Convention of the Rights of the Child) in mind:

  • Children are competent members of society and active agents of their own learning

  • Children’s perspectives and opinions should be listened to and be respected

  • Every child’s life and experiences are important and thus part of their daily interactions

  • Children should be treated as equals and they have the rights of education,participation and protection

  • Children have the right to feel belonging, love and joy of learning in their everyday life and in Early Education

What ages does the FinlandWay® programme cover?

We cover the entire age group from 10-month-old toddlers to 6-year-olds, depending on your location (please ask your local FinlandWay® school).

We provide an expert-designed programme for each age, with systematic age-appropriate activities and progressive learning goals.