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Happy Play-based Learning

Children are naturally curious and they love to explore new things. Through play-based methodology, learning becomes meaningful and it creates deeper learning experiences. Our teachers are instructed to support and guide children to discover their natural love of and ability for life-long learning.

Safe and Purpose Designed

The learning environment plays an essential role in daily pedagogical activities. The FinlandWay® classrooms are designed to support active learning, dynamic interaction, small group work and continuous development of children. The staff is trained to create physically and psychologically safe learning spaces where children can try their new skills, they are encouraged and treated as full members of the learning community.

Tested and Research Based

FinlandWay approach is based on the latest knowledge of education science and our team’s experience in Finnish kindergartens. FinlandWay® programme has been developed by PhD level experts and it has been tested and it is operating on three continents.

Participatory Approach

Children are agents of their own learning and their opinion should be heard and respected at age-appropriate level. Teachers support children to communicate their ideas and opinions through their own means and encourage them to democratic decision making.


The FinlandWay® parents’ mobile application offers day-to-day insights into your child’s development and everyday life at school so you can always be at ease. Follow your child’s learning journey through teacher’s posts that include photos and daily learning goals.

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Contact your local school for more information. You can find our current location below locations here. Follow our social media to hear the latest news.

Finland’s education system is recognised worldwide, scoring top marks on international comparisons year after year.

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FinlandWay® Worldwide Locations

Bogota, Colombia

Lima, Peru (Pilot Unit)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Pilot Unit)

Abu Dhabi, UAE (launching 2024)

Helsinki, Finland (HQ)

Casablanca, Morocco x2

Kuwait City (2024)

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