Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the best of quality education from Finland to thousands of children, families and educators worldwide.

We have selected the core elements of Finland’s education excellence and use the latest platforms and delivery models to support our partner schools and families to build better beginnings for lifelong learning. 

Having studied the most impactful, economical and scalable school system models in growth markets and following years of research and system development, we combine the latest scientific understanding of the most efficient pedagogical approaches to support joyful early learning with pragmatic hands-on guidance for educators and parents.  

We combine our understanding of the demands and challenges of our partner countries with a firm footing in leading research and daily education practices of Finland.


Our Team

FinlandWay has been developed by a highly qualified team of education and impact experts, with the love for learning and aim for positive impact at the heart of everything we do.  



noora laitio, FRSA

CEO and Co-Founder

A Cambridge economist specialised in sustainable impact investments in growth economies, Noora has worked for the World Bank Group (IFC) as their Nordic Representative and Western Europe Women’s Representative for Private Sector Projects, the European Investment Bank and in private sector finance and strategy roles. With work experience spanning across five continents, she has also advised the United Nations, Cambridge University Sustainability Leadership Institute and the World Economic Forum. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce in the United Kingdom and a member of the Finnish Educational Research Association. 

“In my work in emerging economies over the past two decades, I saw that a growing number of families and educators were looking to find affordable access to quality education. THEY WERE ASKING IF it would be possible to share THE BEST OF WHAT finland has to offer. 

Together with our EDUCATION AND IMPACT expert TEAM we have created and continue developing the FinlandWay system to BRING the very best of our methodology and programme TO the world.”


Dr Jonna Kangas (PhD in Education)

Head of Pedagogical Content, Co-Founder

A leading internationally published author, editor, speaker and researcher on participatory play-based pedagogy from Finland, Dr Kangas is a Lecturer and Teacher Training Expert at the University of Helsinki and a Joint Research Member at their Playful Learning Centre. In addition to extensive comparative research and field work in Finland and South America,  she is a Board Member of the Early Education Association of Finland and has worked with the Finnish National Centre of Educational Assessment and advised the three capital region municipalities on participatory practices in Finland.

“Our research and Development team has worked meticulously to identify the key elements of the Finnish education excellence and package those aspects into relevant, pragmatic solutions for our international partners.

FinlandWay has been designed to support a comprehensive and joyful education experience for everyone involved - from teacher training to daily curriculum delivery to supporting the continuing learning journey at home.”


Alessandra midori

Operations, Latin America

A native Brazilian and a Business Analytics graduate of the leading Business Schools in both Brazil (FGV-EAESP) and Finland (Aalto University School of Business), Alessandra comes with a wealth of business development and operational experience from the world of digital publishing and games.  

“I aspire to bring the best parts of Finnish education system to my continent and believe that FinlandWay incorporates the key elements of what makes Finland so successful.

We are delighted to see the difference that choosing FinlandWay is making at our partner schools in our target countries - for the children as well as the educators. While we can build on many global similarities in Early Childhood Education, FinlandWay’s latest understanding of learning process support impresses our partners.”



pilvi lindberg

Curriculum Design and Pedagogical Practice

Pilvi has 15 years of practical experience of curriculum design and operations in Finnish kindergartens. Actively involved in Education Policy and Children’s Welfare matters at the University of Helsinki and through the Mannerheim National League for Child Welfare, she is a grantee of the national OKKA Foundation for Teaching, Education and Personal Development backed by the Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ  and the Kindergarten Teachers Union in Finland. 

“The early education years are crucial to children’s well-being and their forming of overall attitudes towards learning and their role in the world around them.

We have formulated the FinlandWay approach to help educators to support the daily development of not only academic abilities, cognitive and non-cognitive real-life skills but also the development of socioemotional and empathy skills, for a better future built for and by our children.” 

We believe in sourcing the best that Finland has to offer for our FinlandWay® schools family, and work with specialists and subject experts in the varying fields covering early childhood development and education.

FinlandWay® benefits from our expansive academic and practitioner network at the leading Education Science Faculties in Finland. All our teacher trainers and subject matter contributors are experienced professionals from Finnish universities or teacher training institutes.