FinlandWay® Schools partners with Madina Kids

Casablanca, June 4th 2024 

The 5th of June marks the beginning of a significant educational partnership with the signature of an early years cooperation contract between Madina Kids and Finlandway®, in the presence of the Ambassador of Finland to Morocco, Ms Marjaana Sall,  Mr Lotfi El Eulj, chairman of the board, Mr Lahlou, General Director, Mrs H. Cherrouk pedagogical general director and Noora Laitio, CEO and Co-Founder of FinlandWay® schools. The signing event will be celebrated at the Californie campus of the Madina Kids network.  

FinlandWay® Schools is a global leader in early childhood education from Finland and present on five continents, and Madina Kids Group is an established premium education provider in Casablanca, Morocco.

Starting from September 2024, nursery and pre-school students at Madina Kids will benefit from a play- and phenomenon-based curriculum infused with the latest methodologies from Finland. This collaboration reflects Madina Kids’ dedication to providing students with a world-class education that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional skills.

The FinlandWay® system will be introduced across Madina Kids’ modern campuses in and around Casablanca city, the Ain Sebaâ, Californie and Polo campuses serving hundreds of students. This collaboration signifies Madina Kids’ commitment to innovative educational methodologies and investing in early years.

Building on FinlandWay® Schools’ successful presence in Morocco since 2019, this collaboration means a significant expansion to FinlandWay®’s operations in the kingdom. “We are excited that Madina Kids shares our vision of the importance of high-quality early childhood education. We look forward to working together to enhance the learning journey of hundreds of children and families in the Casablanca region”, enthuses FinlandWay®’s CEO and Co-Founder Noora Laitio.

We are delighted to join forces with FinlandWay® Schools to differentiate and strengthen our educational offerings,” said Mrs H. Cherrouk, pedagogical director general at Madina Kids Group. “Together, we will cultivate a generation of young learners equipped to thrive in an ever-changing world.”

Event location: Ecoles Al Madina site Californie, Lotissement Bellevue, 2 Rue 3, Casablanca, Morocco
Event timing: Wednesday, June 5th at 3 pm


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