Early education teachers to London

Early education professional, are you looking for a new direction for your career or new experiences? Nordic Star by FinlandWay® is recruiting teachers to their brand-new Islington unit! 

Nordic Star by FinlandWay® follows the Finnish Early years curriculum with play and phenomenon-based methodology. In FinlandWay® nurseries, children are active agents of their own learning and respected members of the learning community.

Nordic Star are looking for new teachers to join our team this fall! 

Practical experience, good cooperation skills and a child-centric attitude are appreciated. The working language at the nursery is English. Early childhood teacher qualification is required.  

You can find more information about salaries, staff benefits and different roles on the nursery’s website.

Did you get interested? For all inquiries and applications, please contact Nordic Star CEO Kelly Norfolk directly at kelly@nordicstarnurseries.co.uk. The person selected will be employed by Nordic Star Nurseries in the UK. 

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