FinlandWay® Schools enters UAE with an exciting project

FinlandWay® has been selected amongst a competitive global pool of candidates to be a part of the Anjal Z Masschallenge Programme, which facilitates pilots and proof of concepts in Abu Dhabi for growth-stage Early Childhood Development startups.

The programme is initiated by The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA) in partnership with The Abu Dhabi Investment Office, and offers us an unparalleled insight into this exciting market.

The programme aims to empower early childhood education innovators from across the world to localise their solutions for Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We’re extremely proud to be taking part and bringing a piece of the Finnish early learning expertise into the area with our school package.

First FinlandWay® pilot School in the area to open in Abu Dhabi

Over the last few months we have worked together with local experts to receive mentoring and coaching, and meeting with potential partners and investors to launch our first FinlandWay® pilot unit in Abu Dhabi.

The pilot school, a preschool catering for 3-5 year olds, benefits from most of the full FinlandWay® package; including teacher training, school space design and transformation and education technology to accommodate lesson plans, daily communication with parents and learning tracking. In addition to this, the pilot school receives coaching and ongoing support from the FinlandWay® expert team in operational and pedagogical matters.

The pilot runs for 6 weeks, in which we gather further information about local practises to help us further fit our offering for this new market.

Why UAE?

The GCC area has long been a part of FinlandWay®’s expansion strategy, with the United Arab Emirates in the heart of it. The Anjal Z programme offers us a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and valuable experience in the area to support our existing market research. The pre-primary education is gaining more prominence in the area, with increasing awareness among local parents regarding its importance.

"FinlandWay®’s mission and vision is to bring Finland’s leading early childhood education to children worldwide, and UAE being a new market for us is obviously very exciting. Being part of the Anjal Z Masschallenge has helped us tremendously to understand the market and create important connections in the region."

says FinlandWay®’s Head of Operations Marika Poutiainen, from Abu Dhabi, where she’s currently working closely with the project team.

Better beginnings for children and families in the area

We are actively searching for suitable partners to work with us in our expansion and to be pioneers in high quality early childhood education in the area. Our package will be fully localised and tested for the market after the FinlandWay® pilot in an Abu Dhabi preschool early next year. We look forward to creating better beginnings for as many children and families in the area as possible!

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