FinlandWay® to open their first nursery in the UK

We’re extremely excited to share the news that FinlandWay® are expanding into the UK by early 2022! Nordic Star by FinlandWay® plan to open 10-15 new nurseries in the next five years around the London area. Each school will cater for 50-100 children.

Leading the way to better early childhood education

There has been a lot of discussion about early childhood education and development in the UK recently, with even the Duchess of Gambridge launching The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. Their aim is “to drive awareness of and action on the extraordinary impact of the early years, in order to transform society for generations to come.”

Finland is world-known for its excellence in early childhood education, placing the child in the centre of learning and thriving for lifelong learning. Therefore it’s an exciting opportunity to be bringing the best of this system to the UK and combining the Finnish curriculum with EYFS.

We believe that there is a growing demand for alternative early learning solutions in the UK with parents looking for the best for their children. Nordic Star will lead the way in improving outcomes for children through building their resilience, independence and curiosity. While upskilling our staff and offering the most thoughtful employee package, fostering a community of respect and kindness for all the team.

Alice McNair - CEO of Nordic Star by FinlandWay® Tweet

Ideal location in central London

Our first nursery in the country is set to open in Islington in March next year, and we hope to welcome local families to visit the school from December onwards. The Islington unit will later become FinlandWay® UK’s center of excellence as the network of schools grows. Each FinlandWay® School is designed to meet the needs of children aged 3 months to 5 years and the teachers delivering the FinlandWay® programme, based on Finland’s National Curriculum for early childhood education. Classrooms will be multi-purpose and scalable for various different activities. We’re bringing a bit of outdoors in with neutral wooden furniture and green features, and an indoor garden for planting vegetables and flowers.

FinlandWay® trained teachers

Teachers of Nordic Star by FinlandWay® are trained by top experts from the University of Helsinki. Our aim is to create better beginnings through our unique play-, participatory and phenomenon-based pedagogy that prepares children for lifelong learning without being tied strictly to traditional learning methods and subjects.

FinlandWay® around the world

FinlandWay® has expanded over three continents in five different languages over the past 5 years covering Finland, UK, Morocco, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam and India. We are leading experts in the area of early childhood education, packaging teacher and management training, school space design, lesson plan delivery and education technology.

Our international network of schools is constantly growing with new locations opening up around the world.


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