FinlandWay® to expand in India with a new Master Franchise Agreement

FinlandWay® and Garodia Education, the owner and operator of the Garodia FinlandWay® preschool in Mumbai have signed a Master Franchise Agreement to support our continuing expansion in Maharashtra state, India.

Better beginnings for the families of India

Since the successful launch of the first FinlandWay® unit in India in the spring of 2021, Garodia FinlandWay® in Mumbai, has sparked great interest to introduce additional FinlandWay® locations in the Maharashtra area and elsewhere in India.

FinlandWay®’s vision for India is to reach thousands of children and their families across the country over the next few years. With an ambitious multi-unit expansion plan, FinlandWay® aims to open several new locations in the next 24 months in Maharashtra and beyond.

“We are leading the way by making the ideals of the New Education Policy a reality in Indian classrooms, and look forward to rapidly expanding in the country in the coming months. With equally enthusiastic regional partners, we can help students flourish in the FinlandWay® system in the local context”

Noora Laitio, FinlandWay® CEO and Co-Founder Tweet

“Our positive experience with the Garodia FinlandWay® flagship in Mumbai tangibly demonstrates that FinlandWay® brings a truly differentiated early learning offering to the country and we are poised for rapid growth. Backed by great partners and feedback, we are proud to introduce transformational state-of-the-art, science-based best practices and content to the vibrant Indian Early Education scene, for the holistic benefit and well-being of both children, families and educators.”

The new way forward with NEP2020

India’s New Education Policy was approved in July 2020. The policy (NEP2020) outlines that Early Childhood Education would ideally “consist of flexible, multi-faceted, multi-level, play-based, activity-based, and discovery-based learning”. With FinlandWay®’s programme based on the latest scientific research and a carefully developed framework of best practices, Garodia Education is a local pioneer and a thought and practice leader in the country.

Garodia FinlandWay® to lead expansion in Maharashtra

Garodia FinlandWay® brings an impressive combination of educational excellence and long-standing business and operational experience in the Maharashtra area with over 3,000 students currently enrolled under the Garodia Education umbrella. The new Master Franchise Agreement enables Garodia FinlandWay® to seek out potential schools and school groups to join FinlandWay®’s Indian network of preschools in Maharashtra. Garodia FinlandWay® will onboard and support the new schools in cooperation with the FinlandWay® HQ team in Helsinki, Finland and London, UK and act as the first point of contact for any new enquiries in the area.

FinlandWay® around the world

We are top international experts in the area of early childhood education providing an all-in-one solution to offer the world’s best education experience in your location.

The FinlandWay® franchisee school network expands across three continents in five different languages covering Finland, UK, Morocco, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam and India.

We package and apply Finland’s renowned curriculum and methodology for the global context, provide leading-edge teacher and management training, daily lesson plan and learning target delivery, transformational school space design and the latest education technology allowing for student progress reporting and sustainable quality assurance.

Our network of schools is constantly growing with new greenfield schools and existing schools joining the FinlandWay® system to benefit from the extensive franchise package, world-leading research-based expertise and a worldwide community of best practice and joyful learning.


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