FinlandWay® opens a new preschool in Casablanca, Morocco

Starting from September 2021 Madison Academy offers a complete and authentic Early Education experience from Finland in the Lotissement Bassatine Oulfa, Casablanca.

The fourth FinlandWay® unit in Morocco, Madison Academy FinlandWay®, combines the Moroccan national education curriculum with the Finnish approach. The programme is based on the latest Finnish curriculum, and designed by experts from the University of Helsinki and localised for the needs of Moroccan students.

A holistic view of learning

The founder of Madison Academy FinlandWay®, Ms. Sara Kazbouz, set up the school to be a welcoming, happy and dynamic place of learning. The trilingual programme enables children to acquire a skill set that not only builds a solid foundation for traditional academic subjects but also develops the all-important 21st century skills and intrinsic motivation of students.

“Creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and communication are also key skills that we work on every day at the school. Together, we help children to become lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow. They will acquire the best start to be ready to innovate, act and defend their ideas and projects, and act responsibly and sustainably.”

“We are excited to welcome Madison Academy FinlandWay® to our growing network of top preschools in Morocco”

Ms. Noora Laitio, CEO of FinlandWay® International Preschools. Tweet

“All of our four partner schools in the country are doing fantastic work every day in transforming early education for the better and providing the best beginnings for children. We look forward to this cooperation to bring the world’s leading system to an ever larger number of children and families with the most up-to-date methodology and inspiring programme for the new generation.” preschools in Morocco”

Previous FinlandWay® Schools in the country have been well received by parents and students – in this year’s Parent Feedback Survey 100% found the impact of the programme to be positive or very positive on their child. 97% of parents would recommend FinlandWay® to other families.

Madison Academy FinlandWay®, located in Boulevard Alcharaf, Lotissement Bassatine Oulfa, Casablanca, is currently accepting enrolments and a grand opening is scheduled to take place in the autumn of 2021.

For more information:

Ms. Noora Laitio, founder & CEO, FinlandWay® Schools

Phone: +447 93457 4242



Ms. Sara Kazbouz, founder, Madison Academy FinlandWay®

Phone: +212 6 66 61 23 96



About FinlandWay®:

FinlandWay® Schools brings a scalable and accessible top quality system for the best available Early Childhood Education from Finland to the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Madison Academy FinlandWay® is the fourth FinlandWay® school in Morocco, following successful launches in Marrakesh, Casablanca and Tangier. There has been wide interest in Finnish early childhood education in Morocco in the last few years and more FinlandWay® units are due to open in the coming months.

Our system is designed by leading researchers from the top Universities of Finland and impact experts from the World Bank Group. Based on the latest scientific research on
play-based participatory learning, expertise in teacher training and specialist understanding of growth market needs of both educators and families, our technology-enabled nursery and preschool licensing system is the most complete and adaptable Finnish Early Education solution available. We work with existing and new quality school operators worldwide in English, French, Spanish.

The Students at Madison Academy FinlandWay® get to enjoy a joyful and effective programme based on play-, phenomenon- and participatory pedagogy.

The purposely-built unit has been designed to meet the needs of the children and the teaching methodology, in cooperation with Finnish design experts.

The Educators at the new FinlandWay® School follow an extensive expert-led teacher training and certification programme in the Finnish methodology to practice the latest research-based pedagogy in their new classrooms.

The Parents benefit from a learning tracking system that provides transparency and visibility into the early learning and progress of their children. This mobile solution helps parents and schools to work together to support the students’ development seamlessly.

FinlandWay® Schools is a selected certified member of Education Finland, the export platform of the Finnish National Education Agency (Ministry of Education). Read more about our international network of schools here.

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