Launch of new Moroccan cooperation with an inauguration ceremony by the Ambassador of Finland to Morocco, H.E. M.Pekka Hyvönen.

Groupe scolaire Al Amana and FinlandWay® Schools Present the launch of new partnership with an inauguration ceremony by the Ambassador of Finland to Morocco, H.E. M.Pekka Hyvönen.

A very special event took place on Thursdsy 28th of January as the Ambassador of Finland to Morocco, H.E.M.Pekka Hyvönen visited our third Moroccan school in Tangier to officially launch the new partnership.

Ambassador Hyvönen was accompanied by a team of Embassy and Business Finland staff and greeted by Younès Alaoui, Director of Groupe scolaire Al Amana, his staff and students.

The ceremony was filled with traditional Moroccan music and dance and the students of the school gifted the Embassador with their drawings and flowers.

“We are very excited and happy about our cooperation with Al Amana – they are reputable, well-established and dedicated educators who have been working in the best interest of families in Tangier for decades. We share the passion for accessible best quality education and despite the challenging circumstances of the past year, are determined to bring this opportunity to Tangier this year. Together with Al Amana we can set a great leading example of child-centred, innovative, science-based early education in Northern Morocco. We continue to grow with selected partners in the country with its increasing focus on the importance of early childhood education.”

Noora Laitio, CEO, FinlandWay Schools Tweet

The event included a press Q&A and national newspapers, tv and online publications featured the ceremony widely.

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