Jardines FinlandWay® brings the world’s leading early education to Colombia with a new virtual programme

Two new groups starting in the first semester of 2021.

Starting January 21st, a virtual semester will commence at Jardines FinlandWay® with children aged 3 to 4 (Los Osos) and 4 to 5 (Los Renos), guided by FinlandWay® certified teachers. The programme follows the FinlandWay® methodology based on play-, participatory-, and phenomenon -based pedagogy and explores learning through different themes. Children are encouraged to be active participants in each class, they will have the opportunity to express themselves in a way that’s not always possible with traditional early learning. Each class also has physical activities.

Exposure to English language

The groups will meet five days a week, and some of the classes will be focusing on English language with a bilingual teacher. During the semester, parents will be able to meet with the teachers and understand the learning progress of their children. Our virtual programme offers a high quality, safe option to return to kindergarten education in 2021.

Enrolments now open

Enrolments for Los Osos and Los Renos are still open, and more information is available at www.jardinesfinlandway.com. A meeting with a Jardines FinlandWay staff member is advised and can be booked through contacto@jardinesfinlandway.com

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