FinlandWay® enters India with new partnership

FinlandWay® Schools enters India with a new multi-unit partnership with Garodia Education in Mumbai.

Authentic high-quality early childhood education from Finland will finally become available in India. The first Garodia FinlandWay® preschool opens its doors in Mumbai in early 2021, in connection with the Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai. More units are to open over the coming months to increase access to the world-leading Finnish system, adapted for the needs of Indian children and families.

Partnership on a solid foundation of shared values

The partnership is built on a solid foundation of shared values, for instance placing the student at the centre of learning. Garodia Education Managing Director Mr. Nishant Garodia says:

“Garodia sees these values as not just consistent but centrally located in our own vision.

Firstly, we respect our own community’s legacy and the vibrancy of India with its diversity of outlooks and understandings.

Secondly, we adopt a professional model of service that offers quality and value against world standards.

Thirdly, our people are the most important investment of all in terms of empowering humans as learners, thinkers, leaders all realising their potential in a holistic education involving academics, arts and sports.

Fourthly, we aspire to deliver a safe and quality environment that embraces all community members as active partners through rigorous and challenging educational programmes.

And fifthly, we are a ‘values-centred’ organisation. We believe we all have a social responsibility to act ethically and with compassion to respect and empathise with a broad range of cultures, ideas and the environment to celebrate diversity and what it means to be human. We know that good people emerge from a great foundation of education.

Hence, our positive and exciting connection to FinlandWay®.”

The partnership marks FinlandWay®’s third new school in 2020 and the first FinlandWay® preschool in India.

“We are very happy about our new partnership with Garodia Education, a team of well-established, dedicated and leading educators who are aligned with our values”,

says FinlandWay®’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Ms Noora Laitio.

About Garodia Education

In 1969, Parmeshwari Devi Gordhandas Garodia set up a small school with seven students in a garage in the newly developing neighborhood of Garodia Nagar. The vision was to create an English medium school serving the community. From this small acorn Garodia Education has grown into a major provider of quality education within Mumbai and regionally becoming a recognised trend setter and innovator in the education field. Over 3000 students are delighted to be part of the Garodia family, with a highly ranked Indian Board School, specialist Music and Sports colleges, a series of Pre-School establishments and a state-of-the-art world class international school, offering the challenging Cambridge and International Baccalaureate curriculums. There is also a Teacher Training College and a US degree programme offered within the group. ‘Quality, safety and student centered’ are keywords that guide Garodia Education, bringing genuine opportunities for our community to have access to the very best global opportunities.

About Garodia FinlandWay®

The new Garodia FinlandWay® flagship unit will be located at the Garodia International Centre for Learning, Mumbai (GICL). The newly refurbished, state-of-the-art unit is expected to open in early 2021, circumstances allowing. Student registrations are open.

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